Monday, April 07, 2008

Our street started to receive the new blue bins today. It looks like only the large size (the default if you didn't tell the city your size preference) were delivered today. They're huge. They look larger than some of the houses on our street. It looks like they were designed for the suburbs. At least the city is allowing one free size change until November. Also looks like we're getting similar options for garbage cans.

We won at Ultimate last night in the semi-finals, 26-21. It was a really fun game, and well-played by both teams. It was one of our best games, both offensively and defensively. The finals are next week, against the team we beat the previous week. Looks like we're peaking at the right time! After went to Brazen Head for a few drinks and food.

It was a full weekend, with spring finally arriving. There's still snow piles in the front (the north side of the house), but enough has melted that it was possible to do some outside work.

I removed the remains of a fence post at the end of the backyard, which was starting to annoy me because I'd bump over it parking. The previous owners had put up 4x4 posts and a fence which I removed during our first spring (2006). At the time I just cut the post at the bottom close to the concrete base. Over the last couple years, it's risen (or maybe the surrounding ground has eroded). I started digging on Sunday, and it turned out that the concrete base was 3' deep and about 12" in diameter -- it must weigh about 300 - 400 pounds. There was no way I was going to lift it out (and then what to do with it?), so I dug the hole a bit bigger, and buried it. (I took pics before covering it up so I know where it is in case we want to build something there in the future).

I also built a little flower bed in the small area between our neighbour and our front path. When it warms up we'll actually plant flowers.

On Sunday we had lunch at the Burger Shoppe, which was a bit of a disappointment. Heather was hoping to have a chicken burger, but they were out of whole wheat buns, so she had the chicken salad. The salad was frozen (!) (I think their fridge is too cold), and served in a disposable container (supposedly biodegradable). The girl serving us was clueless, and didn't seem to understand our request that because we were eating in, we didn't want to get our food in a large brown paper bag. The burger was good, and the fries were great (they make the best fries).

There's a couple new things we noticed on Queen E:

• The vacant building on the NW corner of Queen and Curzon has a liquor application in the window! It used to be a medical centre (judging by the taped-over signs). The application is for both indoor and outdoor -- the east side of the building would be a great place for a patio, and is currently an eyesore.

• The dollar store beside The Citizen (or The Comrade, I confuse the two) is shutting down

(Just signed the mayor's petition to ban private ownership of hand guns.)

Well we're going to start dinner (steak, baked potato, creamed spinach) so I'll continue later on.

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