Friday, September 18, 2009

I took the day off today and finished up the benches around the firepit:

I have to let the pressure-treated wood dry out over the winter, and then next spring I can stain the benches a dark brown. Also, we're looking for some outdoor throw cushions. So the backyard is almost complete!

Heather's been weaning off the medication she was taking for her back. I called her a weaner (wean·er n pl -S one that weans). Heather put a quick moratorium on that.

The fall Ultimate seasons started last Sunday. Our Sunday team has a lot of the original team (me, Craig, Cindy, Maricar, Trishia, Helen), and a couple new guys. I don't think we're as good as the summer team but we'll see. The Wednesday team has a lot of new players on it, and everyone had fun the first game. We ended up tying 8-8, scoring the last point about ten seconds before the whistle went to end the game. Wednesday's league is more competitive, so we may not win too many games.

We're about to go out to Hanoi 3 Seasons for dinner (a little Vietnamese restaurant near us on Queen E), I should get ready.