Sunday, April 13, 2008

I just figured out a practical use for my BlackBerry, which is to get an overhead view of traps on a golf course (see, watching the Masters does have some good). I've installed GoogleMaps, so can get satellite images on my BlackBerry. With the built-in GPS I can see my location on the golf course. The only thing I can't do is get the distance to the pin. GoogleMaps tries to find the distance using roads, there's no option for distance to target. However the satellite imagery is much better than the pictures of holes on scorecards at most golf courses. With improved club selection I should be able to lower my handicap considerably... (just thinking, I'll have to google for a scorecard app for BlackBerrys)

We're in the finals in Ultimate tonight, at 8:30pm. We were 1-1 against the other team in the regular season. If we can play good switch-defense we should do well.

Had a good couple of dinners on Friday and Saturday. On Friday picked the wine first and then tried to match a dinner. Sheri at the LCBO recommended a shiraz, and suggested a peppery meal. So went with pepper steak with mushrooms, and grilled asparagus. It turned out pretty good. Last night tried out another LCBO recipe, balsamic onion stuffed pork loin with grilled radicchio and corn on the cob. I wasn't too keen on the pork loin (though Heather liked it), but the vegetables were excellent. I'll need to grill the radicchio a bit more next time to get rid of the bitterness.

My kill-o-watt came in the mail a couple days after I ordered it. I've been recording the energy consumption of all of our electrical stuff (TV, coffee maker, rechargers), to see what draws electricity when plugged in (but on standby / off). I tried to figure out whether I should record watts, volts, amps etc, but I still am confused. I recorded watts. So far the cable box is the biggest user while off, using 18 watts when off. The TV uses 7 watts when off. Everything else I've measured uses 0 - 2 watts, which is close to the target of the One Watt Initiative.

Anyways I should get ready for the game.

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