Sunday, April 20, 2008

Got out golfing for the first time on Saturday, and shot 91! We went to Deerfield, and it was great weather for mid-April (21C). I started off okay on 1, sitting about 50 yards out after my 3rd shot:

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But I hit my wedge thin, and put it over the green into the water. I hit a poor next shot and 4-putted for a 10. However, the rest of the round I was really consistent, until 18 when I tried to force a par to break 90, and double-bogeyed. I mis-hit only 2 irons all day, which is good for me. The tees were slightly up (they're letting the grass take on the regular tee blocks), but 91 is still my 3rd best ever score.

I didn't need to check out the greens on my BlackBerry because I've played Deerfield so many times it could be called my home course.

(Normally when goling I'd say ...about 50 yards out lie-ing 3..., but I couldn't figure out how to spell the word so I wrote sitting)

We're in between winter and summer seasons in Ultimate, so Trishia organized a pick-up game up at Coxwell and Cosburn. About 40 people showed up, so we split into two games. It was fun, and I was exhausted afterwards. It took a while to get used to playing outdoors (the wind becomes a factor).

Last week Heather and I were talking, and we couldn't name 5 people who lived in Toronto who had a Bell land line. It was only a few years ago (2002) that I ditched my land line for a cell phone and it was unusual at the time -- now it's the other way around.

I cleaned up the front yard this afternoon, finally picking up the leaves from autumn. The pine needles from our Christmas tree are everywhere, and not easy to sweep or rake. I had planned to head to a proper garden centre (e.g. Sheridan Nurseries) with MC today, but there wasn't time with Ultimate at 1pm. So we're planning for later this week, maybe Thursday after work (hockey doesn't start till May 1). In prior years I've just gone to Loblaws and Home Depot, which causes our garden to look like every other garden in the neighbourhood.

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