Thursday, April 10, 2008

Our blue bin arrived today (we requested the medium), and it's not as big as the ones that were delivered earlier in the week. However, it's still too big to wheel on our path to the "side" of the house. It's not ideal to carry, and it won't be possible to wheel it around the alley in the winter (if we get a lot of snow). So for the summer we're good; but I'll have to think of where to put the blue bin in the winter.

I tried a new recipe on Saturday that worked out pretty good. Actually it wasn't a recipe, but a menu item I saw in at the Waterside Cafe: bourbon pork chop with mango-raisin chutney, with sweet potato frites and mixed vegetables.

I made a simple bourbon glaze with butter, brown sugar and Jack Daniel's; chopped up mango, raisins coriander and red chili for the chutney, and made sweet potato chips in the oven (sliced the sweet potato as thinly as I could, and then baked at 375F on a baking sheet brushed with olive oil). Had zucchini, eggplant and red pepper in my vegetable mix.

The CSI-Greg-lookalike (Victor) at LCBO Vintages on Queen's Quay recommended a riesling kabinett, which was slightly sweet and matched the sweetness of all the meal. The whole meal went together really well.

Well I'm off to make dinner (grilled lamb chops with sweet potato and flat beans)(and corn on the cob -- first of the season).

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