Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wonderboy weekend 2009

Well there's 22 of us this year at Kirk's.  Craig and I were the last to arrive, around 7pm.  I actually drew decent partners for pingpong and darts;  unfortunately the round robin divisions were stacked in both events.  It was almost like the top 6 players in each were teamed up and all in the same division.  In a normal year my teaming probably would have gone 3-0 in our division;  but because of the competition I went 1-2 in both.  As a result I'm out of the playoffs in both.  This seriously hampers my chances of winning Wonderboy this year. 

On a side note,  I won at poker tonight (a side game, not part of the official Wonderboy) and a couple other games, so far I'm up a bit.

It's been a relatively quiet WB so far.  I don't think we'll be setting any records for kegs this year.

Well I'm off to bed.

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  1. Keg(S)?! Yikes. It's been a while since I've been to party with kegs. Actually, never mind kegs. How about a party with just one keg? Sigh. I blame it on the kids.