Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ended up in 6th place, so out of the trophy running, but a respectable finish.  I ended up with 7 points, at my career average.  Oddly I got points from tug-of-war, log saw, euchre and poker (usually my weaker events), and nothing from darts or ping pong (where I normally rack up points). 

The pingpong final was Kirk & Alain against Craig and Paul.  People were expecting a close game (Alain usually dominates), but C&P had an amazing game and won 21-10.  Chuck looked a bit stunned.

Oh yah, Alain took charge of the steaks today, and I had a rare steak done perfectly for the first time at WB.  He also brought a bottle of wine (as normal) and so dinner was quite good.

Kirk won for the 3rd time, and also the first back-to-back winner.  Everyone's now on Guitar Hero, which I don't get (if you're going to spend hours practising something, how about an actual guitar?).  I may head off to bed.

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