Monday, February 16, 2009

The basement's now a bit more organized. I was getting tired of the boxes piled on top of one another against the wall. A couple weeks ago bought some IKEA shelving off craigslist (about $10 a set, compared to $45 in IKEA). Putting up the shelves was easy; the hard part was cleaning up and reorganizing all the boxes.

Now we can actually find candles and twine and burlap and other stuff.


Our lease on the BMW ends in April so we went out on Saturday to look at a couple cars. We were deciding betwen a Jetta, Prius, or Mercedes B200 (they're all priced under $30K). The Mercedes dealership was great, they sent us out on a test drive without any hassle. Even gave Heather some chocolates as we left (it was Valentine's Day). The Toyota dealership was just the opposite. The sales guy was like a caricature of a used car salesman. The Prius is backordered, and we just wanted to know if we would be able to get one before our lease is up. The sales guy hemmed and hawed and disappeared into his manager's office at least three times. I still don't know if we could get one by mid-April because we got fed up and left the place.


Our Sunday Ultimate team is pretty good this year, at least on paper. We had our 3rd game yesterday and we still haven't had out the full team due to various injuries. There's only 8 games in this season (because that's when the bubble comes down at BMO), so hopefully we'll be able to get a few games in as a team before the playoffs. We won yesterday 16-15, scoring our last point with about 20 seconds left in the game. The game was at 8pm so we headed out after to Brazen Head for a drink or two.

It's a short week for me this week, as today's Family Day (our new holiday in Ontario), and I'm taking Friday off for the annual Wonderboy weekend (the site hasn't been updated since last year, but it has the rules etc). It was odd to see the mail delivered today on a holiday (federal employees didn't get the provincial holiday).

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