Saturday, July 12, 2008

A pub (maybe) opening soon?

I'm working on the deck today, and just taking a break for lunch.  Walked up to Queen Pita to grab lunch, and noticed the place on the corner of Queen and Curzon (a little west of Tomi Kro's) is really coming along.  The interior is opened up (they've reused the old tin ceiling tiles on some walls and behind the bar whcih looks cool).  The exterior looks great now too -- the east wall has been cleaned to expose the original brick.  If it turns out to be a pub I think it may become our new favourite.

The patio at OkayOkay was packed with brunchers.  It looks nicer now that they've painted a mural on the wall and added umbrellas.

I messed up the bench a bit on the deck and so I'm in the middle of taking it apart to lower the back by an inch.  It's a pain but better now than looking at it in the future if I didn't do it right.

Well our pitas are almost ready.

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