Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

It's been raining all day, so I've been lazing about most of the day. Had a massage at 2:30 (using my benefits), so I'm lazing and relaxed. Sketched out the stairs for the deck. I'm taking next Monday off, so I'll have two long weekends in a row to work on the deck. I got a new circle saw from Heather for my birthday which I was using yesterday. Can't go wrong with power tools as a birthday gift!

Heather and I went out for dinner last night at Table 17. It was really good. They've done an excellent job of decorating the place. I had the scallops appetizer and pork main; Heather had the pea soup and rabbit. The scallops were amazing, done perfectly and served with fresh peas, crisp bacon and a mild hollandaise sauce. We asked them to match a glass of wine with each, which went really really well. We both recommend the place.

On Friday night my high school friends took me out for dinner. We had dinner at The Citizen, and then went to Booze for a drink or two. (It's neat having all these places in our neighbourhood!) It was fun hanging out with my high school friends, we generally only get together for our birthdays and Christmas nowadays.

The bike lanes on Eastern are painted better now, with well-defined parking spaces and bikes lanes around. It all looks very organized and european. However it's still a dangerous start going westbound at Leslie. One car lane simply disappears across the intersection. They should really make the right hand lane a right-turn-only lane on the east side of Leslie. I agree with Tanya's comment that this has something to do with the proposed Walmart.

On Thursday was the annual soccer tournament at work for the United Way. Usually the IT team isn't very good. We generally go scoreless the entire tournament, but have the most fun and drink the most beers. However, this year we somehow made it all the way to the final, and lost 1-0 to Advertising. I was pretty tired after the final.

This past Wednesday Heather and I went out for dinner at B-side (the patio at Joy Bistro). It's under new management (not sure if this also means new owners). They had a live band (two guys with acoustic guitars), which went well with the warm summer night. They've upped the prices a bit (still reasonable) and no longer have Keith's on tap. It was really busy for a Wednesday night, with a lot of people turned away because of lack of seating.

Forgot to mention, I got ID'd the other day at the LCBO! I was a week short of being twice the drinking age :)

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  1. Happy Birthday Eric!! You got ID'd!! I am jealous. Love Janet