Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's my birthday week!

We had a Summerlicious dinner last night at Jaaadu with Trishia & Dave and Cindy & Joe. It was good, although I think I prefer Lahore Tikka (the restaurant perpetually under construction in Little India on Gerrard). For a nice change, we were allowed to eat a Summerlicious meal at a relaxed pace -- we were there for over three hours!

On Sunday night we played The Enemy at Ultimate and finally beat them! It's always fun playing them, it's VERY competitive but friendly. We won 19-16, but they're still up 2-1 this summer against us. The game took almost two hours, and Craig and I played most of the game. I was exhausted afterwards, and took an epson salt bath when I got home (the first time I've used the bathtub).

A couple weekends ago Heather and I had dinner at PicNic. It was really good. The Star gave them a bad review but I guess Corey Mintz just doesn't like Leslieville, or anyone who lives here, for whatever reason. He also gave Table 17 a bad review, so based on that, I think we'll really enjoy it. Heather and I are having dinner there this Saturday to celebrate my birthday.

The deck is coming along, a bit slowly. I think I may take a couple vacation days to work on it.

I noticed that Eastern Av now has bike lanes! Cool! They've taken away a lane of traffic in each direction and added bike lanes. The stupid part is that I was going westbound on Eastern from Loblaws, where there are two traffic lanes, and then suddenly across Leslie, the avenue loses a traffic lane without warning. The intersection is dangerous enough with the blind eastbound approach. The whole thing is an accident waiting to happen. I saw someone who looked like CrazyBikerChick taking pictures, I'm guessing she'll have a post about this too.

I've been out golfing a couple times over the last two weeks. The first time at Deerfield I stunk, but then last Monday at St Andrew Valley I shot a 95, with 4 pars and a birdie! I hitting my new hybrid club really well at St Andrew.

Heather and I saw WALL•E the past weekend. We both liked it. There's not much dialogue, but it still makes its point. I particularly liked that WALL•E makes an Apple OSX sound when he boots up.

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  1. I posted about it on http://www.ibiketo.ca. I didn't check them out from the Leslie Street side. Suddenly narrowing a lane on the curve without any signage does sound like a recipe for disaster...