Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Well it looks like I should avoid blogging-while-drunk, judging by the spelling mistakes. Although, the keys on a blackberry are rather small and it was cold outside. (I also forgot to mention that I was out on my own as Heather was working on her dissertation).

I had to cancel my Operations Tour of the Star this evening because it's snowing yet again. This is the 2nd time I've tried to schedule an Operations Tour for the new IT directors and had it cancelled because of weather. The operations people keep reminding me that although we couldn't make it for the tour, they still manage to get the paper out.

Heather and I went for a walk down Queen E last week, and noticed a few more storefront developments. The faux stone façade on the building between Prohibition and Jilly's is finally being replaced! Neither of us were big fans of the façade. The location has been vacant for as long as we've lived in Leslieville. On the down side, it looked like the Toronto Free Gallery just west of the Burger Shoppe is no longer there. Their website doesn't mention anything.

There's proposals to build two 11-storey lofts at the corner of Dundas and Carlaw. I think it will be really good for the area. Right now it's a 24-hour gas station and a vacant lot. It's a perfect corner for intensification as it's surrounded by old industrial buildings and converted lofts. It's also the intersection of two transit routes (Dundas streetcar and Carlaw bus).

Closer to home, they've finally started construction on the lofts on the southeast corner of Queen and Pape. I think the sign that says "Occupancy Fall 2007" is still up though. Might miss that date. Again, it will be good to have people living there instead of an empty lot.

We won our Ultimate game last Sunday, against the last-place team in the league. On Sundays we play at BMO field (home of the Toronto FC). The bubble is large enough for three fields, and it's one of the best artificial turf I've played on. The scoreboards are a bit complicated, and we usually end up keeping score manually. After our game we went for a quick drink at Brazen Head, a new-ish pub in my old hood (King West). They've done up the place nicely, and I'm sure it will make a mint in the summer. There's two large rooftop patios and a whole lot of single 30ish people living in Liberty Village. Heck, the bar has been busy on both Sunday nights that we've been there on cold snowy nights in February.

Leo dropped by a few times on Sunday, purring away madly. We finally had to boot him out as he kept jumping on places he's not allowed -- the counter, bed, couch... He came by for another visit with Heather today and he was back to normal. Good ol' Leo. On a sad note, our neighbour's dog Molson passed away this week. Our neighbours had had him for twelve years, so he was like a family member to them.

Well I should get ready for bed.


  1. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Hi there - two small corrections to your blog....The space previously occupied by the Toronto Free Gallery will soon be filled by Quince Flowers (presently located on Eastern Ave - east of Parliament adjacent to Fresh Home & Garden).

    The intersection of Carlaw & Dundas does not serve two transit routes. The Dundas streetcar turns at Broadview and heads northbound to Broadview station. Only the Pape bus route runs north/south along Carlaw.

    Just thought you should know - cheers!

  2. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Have you noticed the other changes on Queen East? Adjacent to the Starbucks at Queen & Logan, a Rowe Farms fine foods outlet is set to open; the old donut shop next to the Leslieville Cheese Market is closed (hopefully the Cheese Market will expand into that spot) and the gourmet lunch bar further west towards Broadview (Food Savvy?) will reopen as a new restaurant (liquor licence app'n is in the front window)....YEAH!!!!!!

  3. I stand corrected! -- thanks

    Also noticed a liquor license application at the thai restaurant beside Tomi Kro's