Sunday, March 30, 2008

Heather & I walked around Queen E yesterday around 6pm, which made for nice lighting for pictures. Noticed that these two sets of buildings (on the south side of Queen, just east of the DVP) are mirror images:

I wonder if there was originally a building in the middle that connected them? The fa├žades have been kept in really good condition. I can't believe that I've just noticed the symmetry. F'Coffee is in the bottom of the west building, behind the TTC shelter.

The buildings are just east of the Edge Lofts. The strip mall opposite the buildings (on the north side of the street) also looks like it will be redeveloped (there's a public notice up). Hopefully at some point someone will buy the Edwin Hotel and fix it up. Then the entrance to Queen East across the DVP (I don't think it qualifies as Leslieville) will look really nice.

We walked by Cajun Corner and Heather commented that she'd be really sad if they moved -- and then we saw the note that they are moving, up to Laird and Eglinton. We've only actually bought something from there once, so it's not like it will inconvenience us; but it was nice to have the variety in Leslieville. They also sponsored the annual Cajun festival in Jimmie Simpson Park. (I can't remember if that happened last year?)

I found out how to use MP3s as customized ringtones on my BlackBerry (the songs have be stored in the ringtone directory, which I think is silly -- I can choose a default ringtone from my SD card, so why not a customized one?). So on Thursday evening Heather and I spent a couple hours trying to choose the ringtone for Heather (the one that will ring on my phone when she calls). It's not just a favourite song -- it also has to be identifiable and sound cool in the first few seconds. We wanted Back in Black, but AC/DC isn't sold on iTunes, so settled for Sweet Child of Mine.

We lost our Ultimate game last Wednesday, against the top-ranked team. They're pretty tall and use their height, which makes them hard to beat. It was JP's last game before he heads off to England. I missed hockey on Thursday because I was in a late meeting at work.

Friday was Teresa's (Ram's wife) 40th birthday party, at the Ultra Supper Club (where the Bamboo used to be). They've really fixed the place up nicely. It was very convenient to get there -- straight across Queen on the streetcar. Heather was working on her dissertation so we had dinner and then I headed out. We had our weekly dinner last night instead -- a picnic of cheeses, smoked oysters and olives with a baguette and a bottle of pinot noir. We were hoping to get bread from the Brick Street satellite bakery at Logan and Queen, but you need to be there at 8am. We're not up at 8am on Saturdays, so settled for Ace Bakery from Loblaws.

We tried the hot chocolate at Ambience Chocolat yesterday. It's really good, but very rich. Heather thought it was like drinking the flourless chocolate cake at Barrio's. We should have split a small, but for some reason I bought the large size. We also picked up some bonbons for after dinner, but with the large hot chocolate I was chocolated-out.

We gave the house a spring cleaning yesterday. Finally went through the bathroom cupboards and threw out half the stuff. It was annoying me lately because every time I'd try to reach for something, half the cupboard would unceremoniously fall out and clang around the bathtub. Not sure if throwing out expired products fit in with Earth Day but whatever.

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  1. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Thanks for sharing the tip re: the hot chocolate at Ambience. I'll know to ask for the small size when I go there.

    I plan on checking out Rowe Farms as well but will not spend $11 for a pound of bacon...that's outrageous! I'll stick with the St. Lawrence Market for my turkey bacon.

    Like you said, I know the entrance to the Leslieville corridor (Queen east of the DVP) will change for the better in the coming years. One concern I have is that the Woodgreen Housing Project on the south side of Queen East (across from Jimmie Simpson Park) will be moving into the New Edwin Hotel which I had always hoped would be refurbished into a hopping club venue (a la Drake or Gladstone)...Oh well, I guess it isn't meant to be.