Saturday, March 15, 2008

So published one of my pics! Cool!! I had to refresh the page a few times to see it (Heather hit it in the first five tries, it took me over 40), but it's there. It's the picture of Leslieville in the snow.

I was in Minneapolis on Tues-Wed-Thurs for work. One of our vendors (DTI) holds an annual meeting to get input from key customers, and I was representing us. I had the Thursday afternoon free, as the meetings ended at noon, and the first direct flight to Toronto left at 6:30pm. Except there's not much to do in Minneapolis on a weekday afternoon in the winter. I ended up going to the Mall of America, just to see what it was all about. It was generic suburbia on a large scale. Decided I'd rather sit in a generic airport waiting lounge, so headed back to the airport to wait for my flight.

The flight was uneventful. However, the customs area at Terminal 1 had the largest line-up I've ever seen there -- I estimated about 3,500 people in line, which took me 45 minutes to get through.

I picked up a cold somewhere along the way, so this weekend is also a write-off (last weekend was all about snow shoveling).

Went for a walk this afternoon with Heather to get some air. Walked along Queen E to the DVP and back. Took pictures of two of the three-part artwork Time: And a Clock, by Eldon Garnet.

The new siding on the community centre in the 2nd pic is a real improvement over the peeling paint they've had in the past. If only the Shopper's on Queen and Carlaw would do something about their image. I suspect that now that the new Shopper's at Lakeshore and Leslie is open, the property at Queen and Carlaw will be redeveloped. It's a pretty big tract of land, which is mostly parking lot right now.

There were quite a few people out and about on Queen E. Leslieville will be quite busy once the weather warms up! Looked like Rasputin Vodka lounge has opened up. If I was feeling better it might have been cool to head there for an after-dinner drink. There was a new chocolate place, Ambience Chocolat, near Broadview, so we bought a half-dozen bonbons for dessert tonight. Rowe Farms has their sign up which looked really nice (Leslieville Cheese Market should take some notes).

Well I think I may take a nap and try to kill off this cold.


  1. Cool picture. I got it on the 2nd try.

  2. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Yeah, we're looking forward to spending a lot of time along Queen E during the summer. When Rowe Farms opens up, it'll be great to shop for our gourmet cheeses at Leslieville Cheese Market, organic meats at Rowe Farms, breads at Brick Street Breads and enjoy a delectable dessert and café latté at either Starbucks or Mercury Espresso Bar. Leslieville has arrived!

    By the way, have you tried the hot chocolate at Ambience Chocolate yet? Apparently, it's outta this world...let us know about the bonbons as well!

  3. The bonbons were really good! Didn't try the hot chocolate yet, my favourite is Soma's Mayan hot chocolate.

  4. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Totally agree with you re: the Shoppers Drug Mart at Queen & Carlaw. What an eyesore! Since the new one opened down on the Lake Shore, we've been going there. A much more pleasant shopping experience!