Friday, February 22, 2008

Waiting for Wonderboy

It's Friday afternoon and I'm just waiting for Craig to pick me up and then we're heading to Kirk's for the 10th annual Wonderboy.

It's been a tiring week. Sunday was the dinner with Sue and Nadine. Tuesday I was at the Leafs game (2nd row in the reds). Wednesday I was at the Sabres game at HSBC arena. We had really good seats, 4th row at the blue line. It's the closest seats I've had for a professional sport. The Sabres won in OT. I was hoping for a shoot-out, because when you're that close, the glass above the boards gets in the way and you can't see the other end of the rink (which is where Buffalo scored two to tie, and then the OT goal).

Last night was hockey, which we lost 3-1. I came very close to scoring on a rebound. I had a wide open net at an angle and actually got the shot on net, but the goalie stuck up his glove and caught it. I got the assist on Craig's goal. It was good to get out skating, as I hadn't played a sport since last Wednesday.

We made homemade pizzas last Saturday, using Heather's sister Jen's recipe for dough. The dough came out really well! I was tossing it around in the air like in the movies (or any pizza place). Next time I'll roll it a bit thinner though, as it rises (who knew!).

Well Craig's on his way, so I should get ready.

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