Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just had some of the new flavours of bonbons from js bonbons (I bought Heather the Big Box of Love for our traditional Valentine's Day dessert). They are amazing. Usually we have two bonbons after dinner, but tonight we had five! In order of consumption:

1. Clementine and fennel -- first taste of citrus, then white chocolate and only at the end a taste of fennel. Mmmm.

2. Honey Caramel and Vietnamese Black Pepper -- Caramel was dominant taste, hint of honey, and then strong pepper finish. Excellent!

3. Jasmine Tea -- a subtle surprise (quoting Heather)

4. Coffee Cardamon -- an excellent combination

5. Peanut Butter -- very good, but too close to the flavours of Reese's Pieces

We decided to document just for next time. There are a few more new flavours on their website that we need to buy after we finish the Big Box of Love, e.g. Chipotle Sesame with Lime, and Ginger Cardamom Caramel.

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  1. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Sounds heavenly....Happy Valentine's Day (belated) to you both!