Monday, March 19, 2007

This past Valentine's Day, Heather and I agreed to get just one Big Box of Love:

These are our favourite chocolates, from js bonbons. Last year we both bought a box for each other as a surprise. It takes us a while to eat chocolate (this box lasted a month), so we agreed in advance this year to just get the one.


On Sunday one of the overhead lights on the stove went, so I walked down to Home Depot to get a replacement. Heather decided to join me so she could browse around Winners. We ended up buying a huge mirror for the bedroom:

We carried it back home walking along the street, just the two of us and our brand new $99 mirror from Winners. $99!

That's Heather trying out a new scarf, with Mr Giraffe (my souvenir from Kenya) overlooking her shoulder. I'm in my new suit, courtesy of Craig and his contact at the men's store with the 70% off suit sale.

Anyways, it's getting a bit late so I should get ready for bed.

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