Saturday, March 24, 2007

For some reason, back ribs were only $4.39/kg at Loblaws on Friday (vacuum sealed too!), so I bought five packages of 2 full racks each. Normally it would cost about $25 - $30 for 2 full racks; on Friday it was only $5.

However on Friday nights Heather and I like to make a nice dinner with a bottle of wine, and ribs didn't cut it. The pork tenderloin looked good (I grabbed a sandwich at Loblaws for lunch on Friday and checked out the meats), and Heather found a great recipe on the LCBO website, spinach and bacon-stuffed pork loin with white wine and rosemary cream sauce. It turned out excellent. Lately if a recipe calls for chopped pancetta, I've finely chopped almost to a minced consistency. It makes the stuffing smoother and I find it tastes better. Sherry from the LCBO recommended a valpolicella, which went well. We've been having a lot of valpolicellas recently, although pinot noir is still my favourite.

We're having a couple rack of ribs tonight. It's an all-pork weekend!! I'm trying to talk Heather into having bacon for breakfast tomorrow, but it doesn't look good. Heather said she'll have to eat tofu for a week...

The past week was really busy at work. I took the team out for a quick beer on Friday afternoon to give everyone a chance to breathe.

Had a 2-1 week in sports -- lost Sunday Ultimate, but then won Wednesday Ultimate and Thursday hockey. Thursday was the first game of the playoffs for hockey. It's a two-game series, total points. If we win the series, then we're in a two-game final (I think). Ultimate playoffs start this week.

Well the ribs are almost done so I should go.

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