Saturday, March 31, 2007

It's been a week of recovery for Heather and me. Heather's right trapezius seized up on her on Monday night, and she's been out of commission since then. I finally went to a physiotherapist about my upper arm (turns out we have one on-site at work!), and he said I have most likely injured my right rotator cuff. (I hurt my left rotator cuff a couple years ago, but it's recovered). So I'm taking a break from sports until we get back from vacation.

Tuesday night I was out for dinner with one of our vendors, CCI, at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. I've eaten there a handful of times, and I've never been very impressed. I find the steak doneness erratic, and the service so-so. We had two bottles of wine to start dinner (Amarone Valpolicella), and the server had someone taste the first bottle. However, when that was empty, the server then just poured the second bottle without having anyone taste it! The point of tasting it is make sure that the wine hasn't soured because of a bad cork. Adnan (my manager) noticed that too.


I decided not to insulate the entire wall in the basement, but instead just insulate around the window and in the joist spaces. I ripped out the old filling around the window, and replaced with spray foam. A previous owner had stuffed newspaper (in 1970 according to the folio), and covered it with a thin layer of concrete. I'm going to reframe it with cedar 2x4s for cosmetic purposes. I bought some extruded polystyrene to fill in the joist spaces. Between the two little projects I should cut down on the drafts that came into the basement.


It's a nice day today so I'm hoping to remove the burlap from my evergreens in the front yard. I wonder how many of our perennials will come up this year? I'm also hoping to paint the front posts before we leave for Morocco. The paint project was interrupted last fall because it rained for a month and then got too cold.

We were up pretty early for a Saturday. I was out of bed before 8:30am! The all-request breakfast (song requests on CFNY) hadn't even started. I may be able to get some stuff done with all this extra time...

Heather and I went for a walk westwards on Queen E a couple days ago. I was amazed at how many new restaurants have opened up. A couple that we'd like to visit are The Comrade, and the Burger Shoppe.

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