Monday, January 22, 2007


I've heard this expression a couple times over the last week. When we took the cab back to One Yonge on Friday, Ryan had the taxi chits and we had to remind him, and he said Oh snap! I forgot I had the taxi chit. And on Saturday on the radio, Barry Taylor used it similarly. I figured it meant oops! I asked my Ultimate friends and Craig said it was an acknowledgement of an insult. Urban Dictionary gives a number of definitions, some with more swear words than others. I think #7, the new oops! is the closest to how I've heard it used.


We lost at Ultimate yesterday, again by a point. However, our offense was looking good (except when we got close to the end zone), and our defense was great. We just have to take our time near the end zone and we'll start winning. After went to the Bedford Academy for a drink.

Unfortunately our game was at 9:30pm, so I missed the end of the Colts-Patriots game. I saw the opening drive by Manning in the 2nd half, and then left for Ultimate. Go Colts!


On Saturday I finally met Heather's friend Shelley. We went out for lunch at Cafe Verte, and then for a coffee at Tango Palace. Later that night, I went out with Marissa for a drink at Mill St Brew Pub.

Sunday I went over to Marissa's to help her hang her new hi-def TV on her wall. She lives in a condo, with drywall and metal studs, so I wasn't sure about the best way to hang the TV. Ended up putting a 2'x 1' piece of wood on the outside of the drywall across two studs, and then screwed the mounting bracket to the wood. The TV's only about 50 pounds so it should be good.

Anyways, I should get to cooking. We're trying out Braised Sea Bass with Moroccan Spiced Sauce from the LCBO recipes.

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