Thursday, January 18, 2007

Just got back from hockey, we had a very early game at 6:15pm. Unfortunately I had meetings at One Yonge in the afternoon, so I had to rush up from downtown instead of working at VPC and easing my way across. Took the South Kingway / Jane route, and the going was good until I got to Lawrence. There was an accident on Jane just south of the on-ramp to the 400, and it took me 30 minutes to get through it.

I ended up missing half the 1st period. We also had 13 guys (unusual for a 6:15pm game), so I hardly had any ice time. We lost 2-0, but I think we would have won with fewer guys on the bench. Ten guys made it up for a beer after, which is more than we usually get for a game.

Last night was much better for sports. Our Ultimate game was also an early game (6:15pm), but the game was at Waterside instead of way up north at YorkU. We won 39-16, our biggest margin of victory that I can remember. We played really well, and stuck to the fundamentals even after we had a big lead. My catching is back (Craig even took time to comment), but that's because it's speed point and I'm getting enough playing time to get into the game. (In the fall we had too many guys and it was regular point, so I didn't get much playing time and my catching was terrible). Craig's sister (also our real estate agent) just had her 2nd baby, so we stayed at Waterside for a quick beer so that Craig and Jen could get to Saint Jo's before visiting hours closed. Unfortunately we decided to eat at Waterside in addition to the quick beers. The food there is really bad, but I somehow get optimistic once I'm settled in having a beer. They had some new items on the menu, but I didn't make the connection that it was the same kitchen, and thought, oh, maybe this will be better. It wasn't.

On Sunday we played at the new field at Varsity at UofT (or, the UofT as Heather calls it with the article). It's now my favourite field downtown. The turf is great, the bubble is huge and doesn't come into play (unlike Sportsworld at the Docks). We lost by a point, but there's a number of new players on the team and it was our first game, so I wasn't disappointed. We went to the Bedford Academy afterwards. I really like the atmosphere there.

Well I think I will read some more of The Iliad. It's a page-turner.

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