Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas was great, aside from me being sick most of the time. Christmas day was the worst, I slept through most of it. ...Nalini & Brendan and their kids Declan (5) and Darcy (2.5) visited from Ottawa, it was great to have them over. We last saw the kids on our road trip in August, and we noticed a lot of changes -- Darcy's able to talk now. They both like to have stories read to them. I would get into a coughing fit if I talked so Heather did more reading than me.

Declan kept a diary of his trip. Look at Leo on the front step!

Heather helped mom make the chicken this year, to learn how to make my mom's traditional Christmas dinner. It turned out really good. We also had the usual lots of cakes, (including my favourite, a rum cake). Our portuguese neighbours brought us a cake and homemade wine, which was very nice.


On New Year's, we had a little dinner at our place with Bernice, Marissa, Nadine, Maricar and Robin. I made the porcini risotto and veal piccatta that I'd made before Christmas. I used less lemon in the reduction on the veal, and it came out much better. I always have trouble measuring ingredients when cooking for more than two people (I don't use actual measurements), but it all came out okay. We went over to another friend's (Cynthia) condo for the countdown to 2007. We left early (around 12:30ish), still feeling a bit under the weather (plus Heather was having an allergic reaction to the cats that Cynthia used to have).

Today we slept in until 1pm! We actually got quite a few things done around the house despite the late hour -- we took down the tree, cleaned up the basement a bit, fixed the lights over the kitchen table, and re-hung the pictures so they're level.

Now we're watching Supersize me! getting all grossed out about eating fast food. We hardly ever eat at fastfood places so it won't change our lives.

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