Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My Wednesday Ultimate game is a later one this week, so I'm just waiting for Maricar to pick me up in a little bit.

We were supposed to start with the byes for the guys this week, but one of the guys didn't want to miss any games, so we're all showing up tonight to talk about how to split up playing time. If there's too many guys I may just sit out and watch the game.

Work has been pretty busy, there's been a few problems, but it's also budget time for 2007. I've been at the Star for a few years, and budgeting gets easier year over year, so it's not so bad. The operating budget was due yesterday, and capital budgets are due Friday.

It doesn't seem like we should be coming up on the Thanksgiving long weekend already. But yet here it is. Heather'll be finishing off a chapter of her dissertation, and I have a construction project for the rest of the deck. The weather so far looks good. Hopefully my little project won't take the whole weekend, and I can find someone to golf with. (Oh yah, I should mention, Jonathan (Heather's sister's husband in PEI) broke 90 yesterday! Cool! We both started golfing around the same time, and are at the same level. When I visit PEI we try to get out a couple times).

There's been unusually loud rainstorms the last two nights. Our skylight sounds nice in the rain, it's normally very soothing. However, the last two nights around 6am, we've been woken up by the rain. The first night I actually got out of bed to see if there was a hole in the roof, because it sounded like it was pouring into a puddle inside the house. But it was just the rain on the skylight.

Dinner turned out really well tonight. A couple nights ago, Heather and I walked down to Betty's (in Heather's old neck of the woods), because it was a really nice evening and there won't be too many more this season. It's only about a 25 minute walk east, veering south onto King St. Anyways, we were there for wings; but the special was penne with bacon & mushrooms in a cream sauce. That sounded really good and almost swayed us. We had the wings; but I planned to make the penne later on -- which was tonight. I used double-smoked bacon and shiitake mushrooms; along with onion, parsley, white cooking wine and Heather's 5%-tastes-like-10% cream that she uses in her coffee (instead of buying cream and wasting the rest). It was really tasty.

Anyways, I should get ready for Ultimate.

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