Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I built the railing on the front deck between us and our neighbours over the weekend, and it looks pretty good. Unfortunately it's been raining daily since then, so I haven't been able to paint (or at least prime). I'm pretty sure I'll have to wait until spring. There's one more small project for the front deck, and that's installing the grate for scraping the snow off your boots. Maricar saw the idea in a magazine. I (actually, Marciar) saved one of the old metal air vents when the house was gutted. I just have to cut a hole in the deck, and drop in the vent. (I'm also going to build a nice little frame to make it look better). In the winter when we come home with our boots full of snow, we'll just scrape them over the grate, and the snow will fall under the deck. It's a pretty cool idea.

We finally played an Ultimate game on Sunday. Craig and I played the whole game because one of the other guys pulled a back muscle and the other guy was hungover. (There's three guys & two girls on the field on Sundays). It was fun to actually get playing time again. We won 17-10, and after went to check out Leslie Jones on Queen E. They've finally got their liquor license. The owners did a nice job of renovating the place, reminding me of a smaller version of Czehoski's. It's three minute walk from our house, and I can see Heather and I going there for a beer or two in the evenings. They don't have beer on tap yet though.

I'm at VPC the rest of the week, trying to sort out a few things. The big news yesterday at work was the resignation of the publisher and editor-in-chief. It was neat on the 5th floor (where Editorial is located) shortly after the email from Goldbloom around 5:30pm yesterday; the only times I've seen it as busy was 9/11, and after Honderich resigned. It's amazing that Jagoda (Jagoda Pike, the new publisher) is only the 8th publisher in the 114 year history of the Star -- and I've worked under three of them! Anyways, I'm sure there'll be more announcements in the next few weeks. It's a very interesting time to be working there.

Heather's just finished her writing for the day, so we're off to cook dinner (cedar-planked pacific salmon, with steamed rice and a lemon-butter-parsley sauce, and side of steamed broccoli with melted cheddar).

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