Sunday, October 22, 2006

I finished putting in the grate (for scraping snow off your boots) on the front deck yesterday. Here's a couple pics of the railing and grate:

I'm happy with how the railing turned out. I'll have to wait until next spring to paint it (the same white as the door frame).


Heather and I tried out a couple recipes from the LCBO, and both were amazing. On Friday night we had grilled steak with bourbon sauce. The recipe calls for a 2" t-bone steak, so I requested a special cut at the meat counter at Loblaws. The steak weighed 950g! (Later on I realized it was a recipe for four people). The sauce turned out really well (I used Crown Royal instead of bourbon). We paired it with a bottle of wine I had purchased a couple weeks ago (Liberty School cabernet sauvignon). It was a great sipping wine, but didn't work that well with the food.

We learnt our lesson and on Saturday tried another recipe, but this time had the wine recommended with the recipe. Made asian-style chicken and rice pot, and had the Hillebrand Gewurztraminer. It was an amazing match with the food, one of the best we've had. Next time I'll use a bit less hot sauce, because it turned out very spicy.


We played Ultimate today in constant rain and drizzle. We won 19-17, but we again didn't play well as a team. We continue to run into the throwing lanes, can't form a stack worth a bean, and make questionable choices of throws. My rec team from last summer was better at team fundamentals than the ones I play on now.

Heather and I are just about to head out to Fionn's for dinner. I was exhausted after the game (more from the rain and cold than from running) and didn't feel like grocery shopping or cooking.

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