Wednesday, May 09, 2012

So it's been a week of learning more web stuff.  I set up a virtual Linux server in the Amazon cloud, and installed the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP).  Surprisingly, I actually got the Apache welcome page when I browsed to the site!  I didn't think it would all work the first time around without an error.

The last couple days were googling around to make sure the site is locked down and secure.  My & sites are on Amazon S3 -- they're just static content; Amazon provides the web services so I don't need to worry about security.  However, for the virtual Linux server, it's the same as if I set up a physical server at home that's accessible to the web -- I need to take care of patching and security etc.

I have yet another 'Hello World' page up today, this one generated from PHP.  Next is to create a database, load it with test data from the Wizard Stats spreadsheet, and then display the results of a query on a web page.  Thanks to all the free tutorials on the web, this looks to be straightforward, although security will probably be more work than the web page itself.


Today's Heather's birthday, and we're having dinner at home.  At first it was going to be a multi-course meal, south american inspired, with ceviche to start and then grilled chicken with quinoa.  But when I was buying the halibut I forgot it was just for one course and bought 380g.  So we changed the menu and we're having ceviche as the main.  It's 'cooking' right now, in lime juice, garlic and coriander in the fridge.


I'm cleared to play Ultimate again this Sunday!  I hurt my right foot in hockey three months ago (to the day -- Feb 9).  My talus bone took most of the impact, and stretched the ligaments that hold it into place.  Scar tissue built up, holding the talus in not exactly the right spot, blocking my ability to bend my foot properly.  With physio they're trying to break down the scar tissue, and have the muscles build up to keep it in the right place.  I'm okay to play this Sunday, with a brace.  I'll have to use the brace for about a year when I play sports or go for long walks.  (Hockey is okay cause the skate provides the same ankle support as the brace).


Well I have to go chop up some more coriander and the like for dinner.

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