Friday, May 04, 2012

I migrated my domain from enom to GoDaddy, mostly because it's way cheaper ($60 / year at enom vs $15 for the same service at GoDaddy).  It takes a few days to process once you request it.  I also opted for anonymous registration, which means a 3rd party actually registers the domain (for all internet domains, you can look up whois databases and get details about the registrar, which causes spam amongst other bad things).  The transfer occurred earlier this week, and the next step was to set up a new website for using hype and hosted on AWS.  In the past I've used Google / Blogger to host websites (cause it's free), but the templates are limited, and there's Blogger and Google badges on the site.

You can check out my new site!

So the next little project is to automate the stats for Wizard (the card game that my Ultimate friends play).  We keep annual stats and have a trophy (which I've won once).  The stats are a bit complex, 50% for wins (weighted for number of players), and 50% for percentage points of the winner (so if the winner had say 200 points and you got 150 points, that's 75%).  We added the percentage points because too many people were playing favourites if they were out of the game.  Now at least there's a reason to keep playing for yourself.

Currently the stats require manual data entry of the game's scores into a Google spreadsheet, which then has a bunch of formulas and a manual sort step to create the leaderboard.  The leaderboard is shared out over the web (it's just a checkbox on Google docs to activate).  It's at

I'd like to change the Wizard app so that it can output a data file as an email attachment.  I'll need to set up an email pipe to a script, which then updates a database.  The leaderboard is then driven from the database.  There's also some sort of security needed to prevent anyone from uploading a datafile.  You'd need to know the email address, which is probably good enough for our use case; I was thinking of something additional like using gmail rules to forward only emails with specific details onto the pipe.

The idea is to do this in AWS so that I can learn how to use it.  The good part is it's all free!  Amazon has a free usage tier for the first year, and after that, almost all of it would continue to be free because it's below the threshold where Amazon starts charging.


We only had 8 skaters for our hockey game last night, and we were on the big ice (Rink A).  I was more tired after last night than the four games in three days over the tournament last weekend.  (I probably had more total ice time last night than the tournament).  We lost 5-4, I had at least an assist.


The WD40 store on Queen St E near Carlaw that looked like it was going to be an Irish pub is up for lease again.  I wonder if the liquor license application was turned down?  Anyways that's too bad, it's a great place for a pub.  We've been amazed at how popular WAYLA (right beside the WD40 store) has become.  There's been line-ups with a bouncer outside the last couple times we've walked by at night.  Line-ups!! In Leslieville!

We're having veal loin chops with arugula for dinner tonight, I have to go chop up the garlic.  It tastes better if the garlic's added to the veal a couple hours before grilling.

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