Monday, March 15, 2010

Dwiggin AllStars 1986

Here's my first video posted to youtube:

You may be wondering where this little vignette came from. There's a guy at work who I've known work-wise for a few years. His brother was transferring some old VHS movies to DVD, and so he asked him who was in the movie. He said Eric and Lloyd D'Souza. The guy from work said, I know an Eric D'Souza, I wonder if it's him. So he emailed me at work. Turns out he was our next-door-neighbour (Jim's brother), although he would have been around 3 years old when they moved away.

Dad's old Volvo is on the street, and all the trees look pretty small. Check out our old 1980's glasses too.

I had to figure out how to convert a DVD to .mp4 to post it. I ended up downloading Handbrake, which was pretty easy to use.

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