Monday, March 01, 2010

The $10 plant I bought at Home Depot is still alive, so I bought another one this past weekend Brassaia arboricola Hawaiian Schefflera. The tag says it likes warm houses (21C - 25C), so this one may not make it, but it's a $10 gamble I'm willing to take.

Wonderboy was a couple weekends ago. I finished on the trophy in 3rd, with eight points. I should have had ten points, but lost in the ping pong semifinals to Doaner's team. We were up 20-17, and his team came back to win 23-21. I also got a point from two-man log saw for the 2nd year in a row, finishing 2/100ths of a second behind the 3rd place team. The highlight once again was hockey on the lake. There was about a foot of snow on the lake which took a while to shovel, but the lake surface was perfect for hockey in boots. It was slightly pebbled, so wasn't too slippery. In fact it would have made a nice curling rink. Oh yah, I won the poker event (I guess that was a highlight too).

Roach was in town the week following WB (last week), so we headed out to Fionn MacCools for wings a couple times.

Heather and I watched Canada win the gold medal hockey game at home yesterday. I had an Ultimate game in the evening, so didn't think going to a bar mid-afternoon to watch the game would have been a good idea. Saw about half the closing ceremonies before I had to leave for Ultimate.

We won at Ultimate, 33-12 (the other team didn't have the same concerns about going to a bar to watch the game, I think most of them were a little drunk). I couldn't stretch out my legs fully after Ultimate, so I booked a massage this evening (it's 2010 so my benefits are full again).

I did our taxes on QuickTax again. It was a little less intuitive than in previous years (a few double-negative questions with yes / no options). Also it wasn't straightforward on how to transfer Heather's medical costs to me. QuickTax wanted to assign them to Heather (being in the lower tax bracket), but it didn't factor in that she couldn't use the tax credits as she had no income in 2009.

Lloyd and Mina had their 3rd kid on Feb 22nd. We found out from Mom. I would have found out from Lloyd's facebook, except I rarely log into my account. Good news is he's updating his blog again, so Heather and I can keep up with the Jiang-D'Souza household. It's a private blog so you'll need an invite from Lloyd to read.

I checked the facebook notification settings, and it's all-or-nothing if I want to get email updates from friend's status updates. I was hoping the settings would allow me to specify lists, but it's not that granular. Now that I reached my goal of 100 friends, I was thinking of cutting the list to those that are actually friends, and not just people I've met in my life. Work people could be moved to LinkedIn (that would be a funny message on the LinkedIn invite You are being relegated from a Friend to a Contact...) I started thinking about security after signing up for a foursquare account, and then reading about the Please Rob Me site. So my foursquare checkins are not public, and feed only my facebook status (which only friends can see), and not my twitter account which is public. I'm trying not to specify my location in my Twitter updates. This blog is public, but is generally historical.

Well that's it for now.

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