Sunday, November 01, 2009

We are more than full from a multi-course dinner:

1 bruchetta
2 carmelized onion / balsamic reduction / goat cheese on flatbread
3 stuffed mushroom caps with tomato cream cheese pesto
4 mini pitas with lobster mushrooms garlic shallots parsley and fennel fronds
5 ceviche scallop with fennel / carrot / leek
6 scallop with soya sauce / molasses
7 bacon-wrapped scallops
8 raw oysters in half shell
9 parsley / butter / fennel frond oysters
10 oysters with fennel / cream sauce


Buttercup squash soup with sour cream and chives
(Bonus course)Scallops with fennel / carrot / leek
Pecan crusted halibut with apple slaw / wilted garlic spinach and mango sweet potatoes
Homemade pumpkin ice cream with nutmeg and spiced rum, with apple strudel with almonds

Each paired with wine


  1. Was this a home-cooked meal?

  2. Shelley1:25 AM

    Oh my! Good times in PEI?

  3. We were in PEI, and Janet and Jonathan organized for a chef to make dinner, at Jennifer's place. It was really really good.

  4. Ah, that explains all the seafood. Didn't you do this before in PEI?