Sunday, March 09, 2008

My new goal is to get a header photo published on Heather put me onto the site, and they have some really cool header photos. I've had the same pic on my blog for a while and it was getting stale, so I took some pics last night in the snow storm. Futzed around in Photoshop to figure out how to crop to a specific dimension. My blog's header aspect ratio is 9.25:1 and is about 5.5:1, which takes some getting used to when looking for pictures. The next thing is to figure out how to get a rotation on my blog so that I can have a few pics in circulation.

I also have been trying to change my blog address to Right now it's set up as a redirect, so if you go to you'll end up here, but the URL in your browser says I tried following the directions in blogger but got an error. I have to do more reading on setting up my domain.

This weekend was a write-off with the storm. Spent a lot of time shoveling. The Star was filled with stories about the weather. I think the most amazing fact is that it's snowed on 75% of the days in winter.

We actually didn't lose at hockey this past Thursday! Dave (our captain) sent out an email prior to the game about not showing up if we didn't think we had a chance to win. I guess it got everyone fired up, because we came out with one of our best efforts of the season, and tied 2-2. I had a great chance to score in the 2nd period but the puck was bouncing and the pass skipped over my stick. It's the third game in a row that I've had a great scoring opportunity, although I don't have any goals to show for it.

I've been in a lot of lunch meetings lately at work. Usually lunch is ordered from the cafeteria. I dislike the food from there and rarely eat the stuff. Fortunately the new directors share my like for food and so last meeting I had us order take-out from a real restaurant. We went with Bellissimo's, which everyone enjoyed. We're downtown Toronto, so there's no shortage of good places to get take-out from. It's also cheaper than getting catering from the cafeteria.

On Friday evening Heather and I couldn't decide what to cook for our Friday night dinner, so we ended up going out to Gio Rana's. It was one of the first places to migrate to Leslieville, and is usually busy. (We were supposed to go there for our first date in 2005 but it was closed on Mondays). The food was pretty good and the atmosphere was hopping as normal. (I find the atmosphere very similar at Gio Rana's and L'il Bacci.) After dinner went to Barrio's for dessert and a beer. We hadn't been there in a while either. The flourless cake was excellent as before. However, the local art that normally hangs on the walls wasn't there -- I wonder if they're in between artists?

Well I should start making dinner. My game is at 9pm tonight so want to finish eating by 8pm. We're having tom yum goong (thai shrimp soup). Mmmm.

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