Sunday, May 31, 2009

It was nice weather again this weekend so I was able to work a bit more on the backyard:

I need a couple more loads of flagstone to finish it. The last part is trickier to make all the flagstone fit.

On Saturday was Leslieville Stomp. A lot of stores had sidewalk sales, and there were a number of yard sales. I had forgotten about it, but I had made an appointment with a massage therapist at Advanced Therapeutics for my back, and so walked through the street sales on the way there and back.

The massage therapist was pretty good (I forget which one I had). I think my back problem was related to my legs being tight, especially my IT band. She showed me some stretches to help.

The massage place is right across the street from East End Garden Centre (who I'm surprised have a nice little website). We needed some more annuals for the potters on the front deck, so I bought a variety.

There's a whole bunch of places opening up east of Leslie St. There's another Irish bar opening soon, Ceili Cottage, by Patrick McMurray (owner of Starfish). There's a nice large front patio (right now just a vision), which he's stuck sea shells in the concrete.

Also saw that Pulp Kitchen is opening up in a new location, one of the three renovated spots where All Most Antiques used to be. They're just waiting for their license and then they'll be open.

Meating on Queen (a butcher) was barbecuing sausages, which smelled great so I bought one. It was amazing. Even Heather liked it! We went and bought a couple more today (although we had to barbecue them ourselves, as Stomp was just the one day).

I was at box seats for the Jays game on Friday, for a project we worked on. A couple weeks ago it was looking good, with the Jays in front and the game against Boston. However a nine game losing streak killed a bit of the excitement. Still it was a good time.

Well I should go get ready for my Ultimate game tonight. Hopefully it won't be too windy. It looks like the wind has died down a bit, it was pretty gusty earlier this afternoon.

Monday, May 25, 2009

I had big plans on Sunday to work on the patio and gardens, but tweaked a muscle in my back Sunday morning and have been stuck mostly to the couch since then. Too bad because it was a really nice day yesterday (20C, sunny) to work outside.

Under Heather's care, I felt good enough this evening to try for a short walk down Queen E to Logan. Saw a liquor application at 996 Queen St E (where the former Carlaw Carburations used to be). It's nice to see, as the stretch of Queen between Carlaw and Pape hasn't had the same level of gentrification as the rest of Leslieville. According to the application, it's a bar and lounge that will be called "What are you looking at?". Not my first choice for a name, but what do I know.

Then on the way back, we saw Te Aro, a new coffee shop that opened up (just east of Baby on the Hip) right under our noses! I didn't even see it under renovation! Te Aro has mostly good reviews on Chowhound and BlogTO. It's in an old garage; it's the type of conversion project that Heather and I would like to do one day to live in.

With my back out, we've been getting take-out from the local restaurants. Yesterday had dinner from Spring Rolls; and today had fish'n'chips from B&B for lunch (the guy has fish'n'chips down perfectly) and The Real Jerk for dinner. It's nice to have this amount of variety within walking distance.

On Saturday Heather needed a short break, so we had a little day trip down to see UofWaterloo, where I did my undergrad. Took a long cut down King St through downtown Kitchener and Waterloo. There's a lot of nice old industrial buildings that are undergoing loft conversions; the downtowns will look really nice in a few years. Tried to have lunch at the Bomb Shelter, (the campus pub where I spent a lot of time), but it wasn't open till 5pm. Instead went to McGinnis.

After lunch walked through the DC (Davis Centre) and MC (math & computer) building, showed Heather the C&D (coffee and donut lounge). By fluke saw the old pictures of the graduating classes on the wall near the C&D; searched around for the 1993 math/business class and found me, Roach, Kirk, Doaner, Alain, Mayra and Heaney. Didn't see Panko's pic. Outside, looked around for my tree. Every year, there's a tree planted for the graduating class. Found ours -- it's a big horse chestnut tree. I thought every year had a unique genus or species, but I guess not, as 1981 and 1994 are the same. Walked down to V2 (1st year residences, now called Ron Eydt). Looked at the campus a bit differently; I didn't really remember the stream that flows by the residence being as photogenic as it is. There's plenty of newer buildings on campus, which I've seen in the alumni magazine. The business parks around Phillip St are now all full of RIM buildings.


I've hooked up our Dell 1710 laser printer to the USB port on the Airport Extreme. Printing works great from my Mac; but I've been having trouble connecting to it from Heather's PC. I've tried using Windows Printer Setup, and Bonjour for Windows, but neither work. (Both ways allowed me to set up the printer. Print jobs spool somewhere, but where I have no idea). The next step is try to connect the printer to the USB port on the PC and print; and then re-try through the Airport Extreme.

Well I should get ready for bed. Hopefully my back will be okay enough for me to get into work tomorrow.

Monday, May 18, 2009

It's nearing the end of the May 2-4 weekend. The weather's been pretty good for working in the backyard, about 18C. There was a frost warning last night, good thing I didn't plant my annuals yet!

I finished a bit more of the flagstone in front of the deck (left side in the picture), and almost finished putting down flagstone all the way down the side of the house. One of the goals is to disconnect the downspout (it's in the corner in the top right of the pic), but I need to finish the flagstone first. The idea is to have the water run down the middle of the flagstone down the side of the house, and then between the walkway and the flagstone patio once past the deck. I'll have to see how effective it is when it rains the next time.

We had a bit of flooding last weekend. Hopefully disconnecting the downspout will fix that problem.

We've also had a few scout ants in the kitchen this past week. The ants were around the window in the kitchen, so we thought they might be coming in through the window frame somehow. I put up plastic sheeting over the window, and taped up the electric outlets (our kitchen is built over a crawl space and so I thought maybe the ants were coming up through the wiring). The combination fixed the problem (we haven't seen any ants since); now I need to remove the stuff one-by-one to see which part actually fixed the problem, and then fix it permanently.

I planted a maple tree (Acer rubrum) on Heather's birthday. There's big hundred-year-old tree in our neighbour's yard, that I think has maybe 5 - 10 years left to live. There's a number of 30 - 40 year old trees around our backyard neighbours; this little tree will hopefully fill out the space when the old tree dies. It fits perfectly according to the suggested distances from other trees, and it's quite far from the basement (as mentioned the kitchen's over a crawl space and not a basement).

We played Ultimate last night at Sunnybrook. It's nice to play on grass again; this was the first game of summer on grass. We've been playing outdoors in spring, but on turf at BMO Field and Downsview Park. It was a bit windy at the start of the game, but the wind died down towards the end. We have a pretty good team. We've played a couple of weaker teams (it's an intermediate league, we're at the upper end of intermediate), it will be interesting when we play a stronger team. We won 19-8 yesterday. Went out to Originals for some food after.

I've been on a points-scoring streak in hockey, I've got a point in each of our three games this season. We're playing quite well as a team.

Well we're about to have dinner. We may go out to Prohibition later on for a beer; it's a nice evening to go for a walk.

Monday, May 11, 2009

We just had out final game of spring Ultimate.  I'm out for a drink showing Bernice how I can update my blog from a BlackBerry.