Thursday, April 28, 2011

Heather and I are back from a six week trip to South America. We were originally going for three weeks but extended it to six. We've been back for a couple weeks now, Heather's finishing her dissertation and I've started looking for a job.

My resume is up-to-date and I've sent it out to a few places so far. (If anyone has a VP IT role available, please feel free to let me know!)

Sports is in between seasons. Summer hockey has started up already, but Ultimate doesn't start for a couple weeks. I'm playing Ultimate on Sundays and Tuesdays, and hockey on Thursdays.

I've started looking into home automation again. A while back I was thinking of buying an Arduino. However I've had second thoughts about using the Arduino as the gateway to connect devices. I think it will be better if each device connected using wifi (or maybe Bluetooth, in any case, some standard wireless protocol).

I surfed for a wifi temperature monitor, but just found products targeted at businesses, with data centres or other things to monitor, priced at business prices ($450 and up). Then found this wifi thermostat at Home Depot for $99(!), unfortunately just in the US. So Lloyd bought it for me, my parents will bring it back shortly. The company has just released APIs so I can write my own app to control it.

Well I have to get ready for hockey.