Monday, March 17, 2008

I noticed I lost another friend on Facebook, I'm down to 86. I check my account maybe once a week now. I've never even created a bookmark for Facebook.

So the bonbons from Ambience were really good! Much more convenient than js bonbons which is in the northeast end of the city. ("northeast end" in a downtown context, meaning Spadina Rd and Dupont). Heather and I have a sentimental attachment to js bonbons, as that's where Heather bought chocolates when she came over for dinner on our 2nd date. We also had js bonbons as our wedding favours. Ambience has a smaller selection (which I'm sure will grow). Now all I need is a fresh pasta place like the Pasta Pantry I had nearby when I lived at Yonge and Davisville.

Didn't go out for St Patrick's Day because I'm still recovering from my cold / flu.

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  1. It is nice having a fresh pasta place nearby. We have Dave's down the street from us, and it's awesome for a quick & delicious meal.