Sunday, March 30, 2008

We won our Ultimate game tonight, 31-23, against the #2 team in our league. We played really well on defense, and for the most part played smart on offense. The other team likes to go deep to their girls, but we were aware of that and the help defense took away that play.

After we went to Betty's (the game was at the Docks) and had some food and drink and played a game of cards.

Earlier this afternoon Heather and I had lunch at The Real Jerk, an original landmark in the neighbourhood. My vote for best roti in Toronto still goes to Island Foods in my old hood, but this is a close second (and within walking distance of our home). I was stuffed after.

On the way to lunch, passed by Rowe Farms which was having their grand opening and giving out free tastings. Sampled a few meats, which were great, but pricey. I'm not willing to pay $11 for a package of bacon, even if it is organic and all that good stuff. But I suspect there are plenty of people in the neighbourhood who are. Their pricing was only in pounds (I'm more familiar with metric prices), so I don't know how their steaks compare to Loblaws for prices. Stuff I could compare, like the bacon, was expensive.

Did our taxes this afternoon (exciting times in the Heather-Eric household, a weekend of cleaning out the bathroom cupboard and income taxes). Used QuickTax online, which I've liked in the past, but this year should be called SlowTax.

Also bought this product to measure electricity consumption. Supposedly Canadian Tire carries a similar product, but the staff aren't aware. Tried looking for it yesterday at Canadian Tire, and today phoned them. So just paid the shipping fee and bought it online. I want to see how much electricity a few things use in standby mode -- the TV, computers, my Blackberry recharger etc.

Here's some more pics from the past week (Heather took the two of Leo):

Leo reviewing the latest chapter in Heather's dissertaton

Leo snuggled in with Heather

Yet another picture of the Queen St bridge over the DVP

Mercury Espresso Bar

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