Sunday, March 23, 2008

I'm still not 100% and spent most of the long weekend resting about. Yesterday Maricar hosted a wine-and-cheese as a going-away party for JP. JP's off to England for six months (while his girlfriend finishes a program), and then they're off somewhere for a year. I didn't have much to drink (or much cheese either). A lot of people from our sports teams were there and it was odd to see people not in sports wear.

We had dinner at Hanoi Three Seasons (up at Gerrard and Broadview), our favourite Vietnamese restaurant, one evening last week. (I was sick and felt like pho). Turns out they're moving closer to us. The restaurant owner also has a furniture store (Hanoi Chic) on Queen E (near where All Most Antiques was). He's building a 3rd floor on the building, and then turning the store into a restaurant. I noticed the liquor application is in the window already. The waitstaff at Three Seasons said they're planning to open before summer.

Heather and I went for a walk on Good Friday, and there were a surprising number of stores and restaurants open. Looks like Native Organics didn't make it -- there was a legal notice in the window that their store had been repossessed by the building owner. I wasn't surprised, as I was never impressed by their selection or freshness of produce.

It's pretty boring being sick.

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  1. Anonymous12:01 PM

    That's great news re: Hanoi 3 Seasons! I love that place and always wondered if he (the owner) would relocate closer to or in Leslieville. The furniture at Hanoi Chic is great as well.

    Too bad re: Native Organics. I know many neighbourhood folks shopped there - although it was a bit on the pricey side. Any idea what's going in next to the Leslieville Cheese Market? I hope that we can finally bid farewell to that ugly donut shop.