Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I just spent a couple hours trying to figure out why my app wasn't working, and it turns out Apple's test AppStore is down.

The main purpose in this app is to learn how to use InApp purchases.  (The majority of revenue from apps in the AppStore is now from InApp purchases, as opposed to the purchase price.  InApp purchases are things you buy when you're using the app, like virtual water for virtual plants).

In any case, it was working fine yesterday.  Today I refactored some of the code, and then couldn't get it to work.  Two hours later finally found the forum where a bunch of other people are having the same problem.  At the very least, my app now has much better error handling in place.


There's yet another new pub opening up near us, on Queen St E in between Carlaw and Boston (just west of WAYLA).  It's in the old store that Heather and I used to call the WD40 store.  The old place had a huge amount of retail space, that seemed to be mostly occupied by cans of WD40.  Anyways, there's a liquor license application in the window, for An Sibin Pub.  From a little googling, I think these are the same people who got stuck when The Real Jerk held on to their lease.  The WD40 location is a nice size for a pub.  We're still waiting for a bar to call our "local" -- maybe this will be it!


Yay, it looks like Apple has fixed the problem with the sandbox store, so back to coding I go

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