Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's a dreary December afternoon. If it was a few degrees colder it would be more Christmas-like, but right now it's about 2C and drizzly.

Yesterday Mom and Dad were over to decorate the tree. Maricar got us a nice Fraser fir, 7.5' tall, and perfectly shaped. One of the decorations broke, as per Christmas tradition. We're still looking for a better decoration for the top of the tree. We have an angel that we bought when we first moved in, but it's a bit small for the tree.

We won our hockey game 4-2 on Thursday. We only had eight skaters, so there was lots of ice time, and on the big ice on Rink A. I got an assist, but they haven't posted the game sheet yet so I don't know if the scorekeeper gave it to me.

Our Ultimate teams aren't doing as well. There's a few people on both teams that I've never got in sync with on the field. Oh well, at least it's a good workout because they're both speed point.

Heather's friends Fed and Darlene came into Leslieville on Friday night. We had dinner at Gio Rana's, and then headed to Ceilidh Cottage for a drink. It was standing room only, not good for Heather's back, so instead went to Curzon's. It was freezing outside, about -7C, which was about a 10 degree drop from a couple days earlier.

Google released Chrome for Mac last week. Unfortunately it's just for Intel Macs, just like Picasa. The hard drive on my Mac has been making whirring noises recently. I may try to get the hard drive upgraded -- it's only a 60GB, and almost full. Depending on what it costs, it may be more worthwhile to just get a new Mac.

My game tonight is at 9pm, so I'll have time to eat beforehand. We're having fajitas. Mmm good.

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