Sunday, April 12, 2009

I've almost finished the pew. This weekend I completed the sanding, patched up a few holes & glued on a couple chips that came off when I took it apart. I'm not using all of the original pew, so I sanded down a leftover piece and took it to Home Depot where they applied sample stains, so that we could see how they looked on the actual wood in the house under different light conditions. Decided on Dark Walnut for the bench, and Jacobean for the headboard on the bed. I stained all of the headboard, and most of the bench, while it was still in separate pieces. I've left the outside sides of the bench unstained until after it's put together, so that I can fill in the holes for the screws that will hold the bench together.

Watched the Masters in between working on the bench and cleaning the house. I thought Tiger Woods didn't have a chance and then suddenly on 16 he was one shot out of the lead, before he bogeyed 17 and 18. I guess it didn't matter with the leaders coming in at -12.

My parents came over for Easter dinner today. We had lamb, with a bottle of wine from Scott (a 2004 Stratus cabernet sauvignon), which went really well. My mom made cake for dessert, which we pretty much finished.

Spring season for sports starts up again this week, with Ultimate on Monday. It's outside at BMO, and I don't think it's going to be too warm.

I finally connected the Airport Extreme as our wireless router. It's much faster than the Airport Express, at least on my Mac. I still need to hook up the Netgear router as a wireless access point in the office, and then Heather should see faster speeds too. I wonder if we've been paying for ultra fast high speed (or whatever Rogers calls it) all this time, and then not been able to access it because our router couldn't handle the speed. At least now the router's not the bottleneck.

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