Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tried not to cringe too much reading about Earth Hour events this morning. Take for example pic #9 from, with the nice bonfire. Hey, what a great idea. Turn off the lights, and burn some wood! Yay for Earth Day!


Got out to Deerfield on Saturday, on one of the nicest golf days in March that I can remember. It was about 12C, with just a slight wind. Craig and I both shot 95, which is good for me but not so good for Craig. I was at the driving range on Thursday (we had a bye in hockey), and figured out I wasn't straightening out my left arm in my downswing. I think that helped my driver too, as I was actually hitting my driver consistently.

Also picked up the church pew earlier on Saturday morning. Craig gave me a hand. It mostly fit in Craig's car (hanging about three feet out the back), and we drove straight down Bayview from Sheppard. The traffic was pretty light at 9:30am in the morning.

After dropping off the pew, we went for breakfast, joined by Heather and Maricar. Tried out Leslieville Diner, a new place near Curzon. I had the eggs benedict, which was excellent. The crowd was a mix of long-time residents and new people, which was nice.

Today it poured rain for most of the morning, but by 3pm the sun was breaking out. I used the opportunity to cut the pew to size. It's now in several pieces, ready for refinishing. The original pew was 9'3" long; I'm going to turn it into a bench 4' long, and use the seat backing of the 5' piece as a headboard for the bed.

Well I better get started on dinner. We're having roasted halibut with a ragout of morels, fava beans and white asparagus (an LCBO recipe). I haven't been able to find morels (even dried), so I'm using black trumpet mushrooms; and green asparagus instead of white.

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