Saturday, August 23, 2008

It was a nice day today and I worked on the deck most of the afternoon. Replaced the stairs, with a more sound design. Also finished the other hinged door under the bench. The next little task is to put a small railing on the non-bench side of the stairs, and then do the lighting. Unfortunately the weather doesn't look like it's going to co-operate tomorrow so it may have to wait until the long weekend.

Heather and I walked down to Lahore Tikka for dinner. It also happened to be the Festival of South Asia on Gerrard E, so the street was closed to traffic and the restaurant was packed. Our dinner was great as usual. After we walked down the length of the street festival to check it out. It was really busy! It was still early (9:30ish) so we headed to Strat's for a Keith's. They always have good draught beer there, and we sat outside having our beers until the patio closed at 11pm.

Heather's old printer died an ignominious death on Thursday, so we had to go get a new printer. Bought a HP K5400, which I hooked up this morning. I had had the house cabled with ethernet when it was gutted, although I had to re-seat the wiring in the ethernet jack in the basement to get it working. The electronics in the house are finally coming together as I first planned -- a network printer that we can print wirelessly from a laptop and backyard speakers hooked up to the stereo. The printer is pretty good, although there is some black streaking that I need to fix. I did a test print of a photo, and it came out looking amazing -- near laserjet quality, and the full 8.5"x11" (there's no white border). Althought, it's probably cheaper to print at Staples, given the amount of ink used.

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