Sunday, June 08, 2008

We won at Ultimate this evening, 19-6. The other team was 3rd in the league at 4-1, so they were a decent enough team. However, we really played well and our short and long games are working out. We used to be just a long team (Craig would throw it deep, and me or another fast player would run deep to catch it), but now we have a good short game too. So once we establish the deep game, usually the other team starts to play us deep which opens up the short game. Our defense was great too, with our switch d working well. I also finally made a nice catch. The disc has been bouncing out of my hand on tough catches lately until tonight.

We were lucky to get the game in, as there were thunderstorms in the north just before the game, and pouring rain just after we finished.

Yesterday I mixed the concrete for my deck posts. At first I tried using Maricar's barrel mixer (add the concrete and water, screw on the lid and roll around), but it wasn't getting a proper consistency. So I used the wheelbarrow and shovel to mix the rest. I got better with each bag of concrete. I would prefer to do the first post over again but it's set.

I was going to start with the beams on Sunday, but need to borrow Maricar's mitre saw. Next weekend is Kristen's wedding so I'll continue with the deck in a couple weekends.

We lost at hockey 5-4 in OT on Thursday. I had the puck on a 2-on-1 in OT and got a shot and my rebound at the net but didn't score. I think I had a couple assists on our earlier goals, but the scorer usually messes things up (I didn't get credit for my goal in the previous game).

A house on our street is for sale, so I went to check out the open house today. I wasn't too impressed by it; but it still will most likely sell for over asking. There's not a lot of turnover on our street (this is only the 4th house that has gone up for sale in the three years since I bought our house. One of those was someone moving from a semi on our street to a detached, so really we've only had three new sets of neighbours on the whole street since we moved in).

Heather and I went our for dinner at Citizen on Saturday night. It's become pretty popular, and we got the last table for two (we didn't have reservations). We were impressed by the food. I had the pickerel and Heather had halibut, and both were done perfectly. The chef is from out east (Halifax) so it's not surprising that he knows his fish. Tomi Kro is still my favourite restaurant in Leslieville (we still have to try Soma, and Table 17 and Pic Nic when they open), but Citizen would rank up there. It's also pretty good value.

We went out for a beer on Friday to B-Side, to celebrate three years since our first date. (We actually had plans to eat at Gio Rana's back in 2005 but it wasn't open on Mondays and so ended up in the west end for our first date.) The heat and humidity were getting to us (typically Toronto goes from winter to summer heat waves in about four weeks) so we called it an early night. We both felt under the weather (pardon the pun) the next morning.

Well I'm just going to finish my white tea (Heather's a big fan, we order all our tea loose leaf from Capital Tea) and then head to bed.

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  1. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Yeah, I heard similar things about the open house on Blong Av. Apparently, it has loads of curb appeal but inside is very disappointing. The 2nd and 3rd floors need a lot of work and the main floor bathroom (in the dining room???) looks out of place. Too bad. It shows beautifully outside.