Sunday, May 04, 2008

We had our first Sunday Ultimate game for the spring / summer season this evening. We won quite embarrasingly 19-4, against Disc Bangers who used to be our nemesis. In 2004 - 05 we'd usually meet them in the finals, and usually they'd win. They've had a lot of turnover, and the team took a sabbatical for a year, and they were definitely rusty. After went to the Firkin up at Leslie and York Mills for a drink and some food.

I bought a Napoleon PatioFlame outdoor firepit today. While I was out with my bad back I designed the backyard, (I'll post a pic of my plans soon). If I park at the far end of the backyard, that leaves a 12'x 21' area for us. The PatioFlame will sit in the middle of that area, with patio furniture around. I had googled around for a Canadian distributor, and it turns out there's one just down Queen St near the Beach(es). It was also cheaper there than the prices I'd seen on the web.

So the summer project for the backyard includes rebuilding the back deck; building a boardwalk down the side of the backyard so I can get to the car; planting a large tree, and installing the PatioFlame. First step is rebuilding the back deck.

My back has been getting better quite quickly. Wednesday I was able to hobble into work; today I was a bit stiff playing Ultimate, but didn't feel any pain. Because the game wasn't that intense, I never really warmed up; which I think would have loosened my back. Just as well -- if it was a close game, I may have gone overboard and pulled it again.

I repotted a few of the plants in the front yard today (moved the hens-and-chicks to surround the rocks, and moved a larger plant away from the front of the rocks). I think I now have all the front yard plants how I want them. (finally!)

Heather and I had lunch this afternoon at the Real Jerk, and it was packed! We had to sit on the 2nd level. There was some sort of fundraiser going on, including a live steel drummer. There were some other performances (singers etc) starting up, but we had to leave for home.

Walked by the former Food Savvy, and chatted with the new people who were renovating. They're creating a restaurant that includes both the former Food Savvy and the store to the east. They're calling it Table 17, and it will be a lounge / restaurant sort of thing. I'm still hoping for a nice pub to open up in Leslieville (hopefully in the place at Queen & Curzon?).

I finished The Travels of Marco Polo during the past week, and started on my new book, The Count of Monte Cristo. It's really good, and I want to read a bit before bed.


  1. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Question: you mention the Table 17 restaurant that will be opening soon on Queen East. Is that the new place that the owners of Izakaya (formerly of Front St East) are opening? I heard that after they closed Izakaya, they were planning to open a similar restaurant in Riverside or Leslieville. Do you have any info?

  2. Not sure -- although while googling around, saw that Le Papillon is moving from Church St to the old Izakaya spot, and that they're also opening Le Papillon on the Park on Eastern (where it does the wiggle near Woodward). Didn't find any more details about Table 17.