Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It was a nice snowy day and we went for a walk. One of the things I like about Leslieville are all the big old trees:

I was also trying to find the location that this pic was taken. It's from 1913 and the caption said Queen East. of Pape. I think it's of the same row of buildings in the pic that I posted a few entries ago.

The rest of today we've lazed about -- caught up on reading (I finally finished Crime and Punishment).

We didn't do much last night. We were both feeling a bit under the weather, so just rented Ratatouille and stayed in. It was a pretty funny movie. It finished just in time for us to watch the countdown at Nathan Phillip's Square, and then we called it a night.


  1. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Your pic of Queen Street circa 1913 actually consists of the buildings on Queen just west of Jones that house Tango Palace Coffee Company, All Most Antiques, Parts Gallery and a corner variety store. Thanks for sharing - I love the history of Leslieville!

    Your first pic of Pape Avenue between Blong and Brighton belongs on a postcard. I love that shot!

  2. We thought it was the Tango Palace shops too, but there's no street in the picture where Coady Ave should be. Maybe Coady didn't exist back then (which might be why it ends at Mallon and not at Dundas)?