Sunday, November 25, 2007

We had a really good dinner on Friday night. I was surfing around (it's a Torstar site that my group supports), and saw a restaurant review that had chanterelle risotto on the menu. Sounded good so I found a recipe on the web. For the main I found a recipe for veal tenderloin with carmelized shallots and onions on the LCBO. Both turned out really well. It was the first time either of us had tried chanterelle mushrooms -- they are sort of nutty, like walnuts. There's a few varities of mushrooms at Loblaws so we may try another kind next week.

Heaney was in town this past week for training, so we got together on Tuesday for a drink or two at Fionn MacCools. It was pretty busy there at first, but it was a pre-game crowd for the Leafs game. We split three pounds of wings, which I think is a record for Heaney and I. (In university we would be lucky to get through two pounds between the two of us -- we like wings, but could never eat a whole lot).

Wednesday was Ultimate, and we were playing the second-last team. We won, although their pseudo-zone defense threw us off a bit. Went back to Fionn MacCools for a quick drink.

Our hockey game on Thursday was early (6:30), so I planned to work the afternoon at VPC. (It's only a five-minute drive from the rink). Good thing I did, as traffic was a mess. There were two serious accidents on the 400, shutting down all lanes both northbound and southbound. Traffic around the press centre was a mess. (In fact the press centre was in the background of the MTO camera that was showing the scene). Plus it was the first snowstorm of the season. We still had a good turnout with 11 skaters, but lost. The other team had good breakout patterns and generally passed the puck well, something we can't seem to do. Got upstairs for pizza and a beer just in time to catch the first half of the Colts game.

Well that's it for now.

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