Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Our street was a large construction lot today. Apparently our street is fairly flat east of us, so the city's decided to raise the street 2" in front of our house, gradually sloping towards the east to allow drainage. That means that the sidewalk needs to be raised, which means our front walk also needs raising.

The city sent a crew that ripped up the sidewalk and our front walk this afternoon. Fortunately for me, I was also planning to rip up the front walk at some point to replace it with flagstone. Also fortunate was that Heather was home to see the notice from the city (nice advance warning...) and so we called the crew supervisor to ask them not to replace the front walk. (But still having them do the harder part of ripping up the old walk and disposing of the waste).

So now I have two house projects on the go.

The crew was really fast -- they started on our street around noon, and by 6pm they had torn up the sidewalk and affected people's front walks, put down the forms for the concrete (except ours :) ), and poured concrete for most of the sidewalk. If only I could complete my projects that quickly. (Although they do have much cooler tools).

My stag was this past Saturday. It was really fun. Most of my university friends came out (mostly from out of town). We started off at Deerfield at 1:30pm, playing best ball because there were a lot of non-golfers. I had Craig and Ram in my group, and we won, finishing one under! It was a perfect day for golf, about 22C and a bit of a breeze. It was a really slow day on the golf course, though -- it took almost seven (! ) hours to finish the round. I thought it was our mini-tournament that slowed everyone down, but it was the groups in front of us. After Doaner had organized poker at his condo's party room. I crashed in Doaner's condo (along with most everyone else) around 5am, a long day of drinking.

Sunday I took it easy (Heather had gone out with Sue and Nadine on Saturday and wasn't doing too well herself).

Last night our Ultimate game was against a group of high school kids (judging by the ???? '07 on the backs of their tshirt) (actually it said the name of their high school but I've forgotten that detail). We could have beaten them, but didn't play a very smart game on offense. I also haven't learnt to judge Ki's throws very well yet -- he throws it harder than Craig, and I usually slow up expecting to then catch up on a deep throw, but I can't catch up to his throws. Next week is the last game of the season.

My previous team is getting back together in the fall, minus Robin. He's a really nice guy off the field, but I've never enjoyed playing with him, and neither did a few other people on the team. Anyways, for the fall it looks like I'll be playing Ultimate on Wednesdays, and hockey on Thursdays. So I may not run into cousin John until next summer.

We've been getting a lot of RSVPs for our wedding! According to our handy-dandy little spreadsheet on Google, we've received 32 out of 59 invites. The invite asked for an RSVP by August 20th, so we're expecting a few more this week.

We're still getting used to our garbage day switching to Wednesday mornings. We were cleaning up after dinner this evening (Heather has a bit of a sniffle so I made my tom yum goong shrimp soup) when we remembered by accident. What with the whole sidewalk being freshly poured, I wasn't quite sure where to put the garbage. I opted for in front of our neighbour's house across the street (Freda's house).

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