Sunday, June 24, 2007

So Friday night's dinner didn't turn out too well, but oh well. The pasta with smoked oysters, spinach and enoki was okay -- enoki mushrooms taste similar to regular white mushrooms, except there's more crunch because they're so small.

For a main I surfed around restaurant menus with smoked oysters, figuring the menu would have matches. Found a menu with veal with pancetta and sage, served with turnip/potato mash, baby root vegetables and a shiraz demi-glace. I prepared the veal by rolling thinly sliced pancetta and a few leaves of sage, then roasting. I nuked the turnip and potato and then mashed them together. The "root" vegetables were carrot and parsnip. It was all a big experiment which went mostly wrong. Used too much sage (one leaf per roll would have done), I overcooked the veal, my demi glace separated, there were too many root vegetables.

Last night we tried another new recipe, going Greek. Heather and I made up a greek salad, along with lamb kebabs, a yoghurt & mint dip, and greek pitas. It all tasted amazing. As well, Mike from the LCBO recommended a zinfadel that was a great match.

We finished our marriage course today -- one more thing to check of the list!

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