Monday, May 07, 2007

I wore my pedometer at work on Friday, and I took 6179 steps. It wasn't a particularly busy day for meetings, so I think I may walk more than that on average. I've only tried it on Fridays because it's casual and I can hide the pedometer under my tshirt, and carry my cell in my pant pocket. When wearing a suit, I have my cell attached to my belt, and if I add the pedometer it's too many gadgets (I'm trying to avoid IT stereotypes).

It was a perfect weekend for painting, and I managed to finish painting the posts and railing on the front porch. I stripped the centre post and primed on Saturday, and painted on Sunday. The railing took forever to prime and paint. We were worried about Leo (the neighbour's cat) coming around and taking his customary watch lying on the railing. Fortunately he had a busy schedule and didn't have time for us. He did come by for a brief visit (we let him in before he brushed up against the paint), and we let him out quickly through the back door.

So it was two years ago today that Heather and I met. It took us another month to go out on our first date. Two years ago! Who'd have thought? Apparently not Marissa... (That's the standard joke between Heather and me. When Marissa (our common friend who introduced us) first found out we were dating, she said 'Eric and Heather? Who'd have thought? But then when you think about it, it makes sense'. We've laughed about that ever since).

Anyways it was two years ago today that Heather's friends (including Marissa and Bernice) took Heather out for her birthday. Marissa, Bernice and I would go out drinking most Saturday nights. I called up Marissa that Saturday and asked her what was up for the night. Marissa told me that she was going out with some girl friends, and that I probably wouldn't be interested. (I was single and was thinking, hello!). Heather et al started drinking at Eat My Martini, and I met them at the Supermarket (where Heather and I met for the first time). Later that night we moved onto the Velvet Underground. I asked Heather out for a date (in a month, because I was going to Norway for a conference and vacation, and then Heather was on conference). Two years later here we are!

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