Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It was mostly an uneventful flight back from Orlando, until we were about ten minutes from landing in Toronto. But then the storm that hit Toronto prevented us from landing, so we circled over the lake for about 45 minutes. Then our captain announced that we were being diverted to Ottawa.

We flew to Ottawa, just ahead of the storm. It was a pretty turbulent landing, enough so that one passenger had medical problems and had to be taken off the plane. We were international arrivals, and so the rest of us had to remain on the plane, with Canada Customs vehicles surrounding us.

I called Nalini, and Gerry, just to say hi, in case they heard (or read) that I was in Ottawa and didn't call them.

Our plane was refueled, and our pilot filed a flight plan back to Toronto. They had to remove the luggage of the ill passenger (and his two family members that also disembarked). We took off again after about an hour on the tarmac. I was impressed with how the WestJet flight staff handled the situation. They handed out extra juicepacks and cookies, and kept us informed the whole time.

We arrived in Toronto shortly after 8pm, about three hours later than scheduled. That wasn't too bad, considering we flew to Ottawa, had a passenger and his luggage removed, refueled, and flew back to Toronto.

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