Monday, February 26, 2007

Another Wonderboy weekend and another year that I didn't win the trophy. I was 2nd in ping pong (KJ & I lost to Alain & Alex in the final), but wasn't playing well at darts, and couldn't draw cards worth a bean in euchre and poker. Colin won, the first repeat winner in nine years of Wonderboy.

There was more drinking than usual on both nights, and so it was a bit of a struggle to keep the events on schedule. We try to finish the round robins of darts and pingpong on Friday night (42 ping pong games and 30 dart games), but it's hard to get someone to pay attention to a schedule when they've been talking to the Captain*. Saturday was no different, and we didn't get around to dinner until midnight, and crowning the winner around 3am.

(* rum reference)

Saturday we played hockey out on the lake. It's my favourite part of the weekend. There was about 2 feet of snow, but Kirk has a plow hooked up to an ATV, which helped. This year was the best ice conditions we've had. We played in boots, although we could have played in skates.

I drove up with Panko, who's now working out of Chicago. We missed the Hwy 115/35 cutoff from the 401, so took a different route straight north through Peterborough. It would have been faster except my provincial map doesn't have a detailed blow up of Peterborough, so we had to fudge our way through looking for the exit highway. On the way back we again unsuccessfully tried to find the Peterborough bypass. After driving through downtown, I mentioned to Panko that I was going to look it up on GoogleMaps when I got home. Only then did he remember that he can access the web on his Blackberry.

Between Peterborough and Gooderham is Hwy 507 -- which is now my favourite driving road.

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